Sandy + Ryan (Intimate Wedding Horseshoe Bend Page, AZ)


Wedding at Horseshoe Bend Page, Arizona - When Sandy told me that they wanted to elope in Horseshoe Bend I quickly said YES! Like she had already hired me. I know I’m a bit insane sometimes. A day before their wedding they changed their wedding time from sunset to sunrise due to the hot weather. For me, it was even better as I knew there was going to be fewer people at sunrise. We got there around 5am and started our short trek in complete darkness. Sandy and Ryan were prepared for every detail. They had headlamps and umbrellas for the sun. After all, they are a very adventurous couple.

To see how much their family and friends love them was such a special moment to capture. It was one of the most peaceful morning ceremonies I’ve ever documented. The part that melted my heart and I almost started crying was when they didn’t tell anyone that they were going to hold each other and whisper their vows to each other. It was so freaking romantic. I just love when couples do what makes them happy. FYI I cry at every wedding. I am a very emotional person. lol.

It was the beginning of September so you could imagine how hot it must have been. When we got there it was in the low 70's and when we left it was almost 100 degrees. Yikes! Good thing for the big white umbrellas they brought for everyone. After their families left to go rest for a bit (they all got up at 3am). I stayed with them and we went all over taking photos. It was the most amazing thing ever! They ended their day at a Barbecue place along with their loved ones.

Here is a glimpse of their day. at the beautiful Horseshoe Bend Page, Arizona.