Caydin + Garrett (Intimate Wedding Irvine, CA)


One week before their Irvine, California wedding, Caydin and Garrett were referred to me by a friend and wedding planner, so when I met the couple for the first time at Quail Hill Park, Caydin was holding her wedding bouquet! It took no time at all, however, to tell that this couple was a perfect match…well a 92% match according to OkCupid, but who’s counting?

In her dazzling, jeweled light gold gown and his classic dark blue tux accessorized with a mile-wile smile, Caydin and Garrett made a beautiful couple and embodied joyful elegance. As they laughed, spun and literally jumped for joy on top of the picturesque grassy hill, I was so grateful for the opportunity to photograph them. 

That feeling only increased when we removed our shoes and entered the Islamic Center of Irvine for the ceremony. While the ceremony itself was short, time stopped when Garrett fell to his knees to say his vows. Jaws literally dropped and eyes welled with tears, and although we had just met, even I couldn’t resist the emotion of that moment.

The business of wedding photography is often filled with surprises and unexpected joys, and the opportunity to share in the bliss of Caydin and Garrett’s wedding day was most certainly one for the books!