Chantelle + Mitch (Vegan wedding at The mountain Terrace near San Francisco, CA)


Reminiscing to two years ago when I had the pleasure of photographing my first vegan wedding. I also loved that it was in the Bay Area. The venue was tucked in the mountains surrounded by huge beautiful trees. The rain went away a night before their wedding day. Now taking it back a bit… When Chantelle and Mitch first reached out to me and said that they wanted to have an all vegan wedding I almost fell off my chair. It was going to be my first vegan wedding ever! I was so excited and it made it even easier for me that they have the biggest hearts.

They decided to get married on a Wednesday in the spring. Their family and friends from Australia flew in days before and were they the kindest people or what. Their whole wedding was full of love all around. Of course there was dancing, drinking, delicious vegan food, vegan cake and vegan s’mores. It was the perfect day!

Here is a glimpse of their wedding day.

A couple from Australia having the best vegan wedding in a gorgeous venue tucked in the Bay Area near San Francisco. Enjoy!


Photography: Eve Rox Photography
Venue: The Mountain Terrace Woodside, CA
Hair and makeup: Inner & Outer Beauty Artist