Brian + Raquel's Wedding | Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts Cerritos, CA

Happy New Year!!!

2015 was a magical year for us! It was full of great adventures and memories that will stay with us forever. On this first day of 2016 we want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for letting us document a piece of their lives. 

Here is one of the many weddings we had the pleasure of being part of last year that left us craving for more loving memories. We can’t express how beautiful Brian and Raquel’s wedding was. It began with the couple arriving at Brian’s family's home for an intimate traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony followed by a lovely American ceremony at Cerritos Center for the Performance Arts in Orange County, CA where Raquel wore a beautiful princess dress that made her mom and sister almost cry. Raquel glowed as she came down the spiral staircase to meet her father who walked her down the aisle. Brian saw his future wife come towards him as he waited excitedly at the end of the aisle. After the ceremony family and friends gathered around them to share some hugs and kisses. The evening ended with guests laughing, dancing, jumping, singing, drinking and just having plain old fun. 

Brian and Raquel, Thanks a million for letting us share this lovely day with you both. Wish you many years of happiness. 

We are ready for you 2016! Bring it on! :)

AMELIA ANN | Not so newborn but still so cute...

Photographed by: Evelyn "Eve" Mongrut 

"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, a home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for."

Amelia Ann is the sweetest little baby and it's not just because we happen to be born on the same day. She was so patient and happy during her photo shoot. She was the perfect model. Couldn't get enough of her.  

Photographed by: Edith Hogan | Associate Photographer | Eve Rox Photography




Andrew and Brandy are the sweetest couple. When we talked about where they wanted to take their engagement photos, we knew that it didn't matter where it would be, it was evident that their love would shine through in any setting. They are both active and love the outdoors so we wanted to be sure to capture that in their photos. Shooting at the Kelso sand dunes proved to be an adventure and  it was definitely worth the workout in the end. We can't wait for their rustic themed wedding next year in Ojai. 


Yesterday’s fall wedding felt like a summer day in the dessert with 100 degree weather. That didn’t stop Brian and Raquel from enjoying their beautiful day with each other, family and friends who came from all parts of the world to witness the love they have for each other. Can't wait to share with you the final love story. 

Thank you Brian and Raquel for choosing us to photograph your wedding. You both are adorable.




We were honored to capture Ben and Melissa's city hall nuptials in San Francisco this past weekend. Here is a sneak peek of their day.


Jose and Monica met in high school and although they did not really like each other at first a friendship blossomed and they began dating. Little did they know that they would soon fall in love and decide to spend the rest of their lives together but not before parting for almost two years to do mission work in Mexico. They spent this time growing as individuals by giving back to the community.

Monica came home a few months after Jose. This allowed Jose to plan a sweet beach proposal where he told her he wanted to be with her forever. Of course she happily said yes. They were married on a beautiful summer day in Newport Beach, California. Their family and friends gathered outside the temple anxiously waiting to get a first look at them as husband and wife. You can see from the smiles on their faces just how happy they were as they walked hand in hand.

We are grateful to have been there to witness Jose and Monica’s love and commitment to each other, their families and their faith. Thank you for choosing us to be part of your special day. We wish you both all the best in this new chapter of your lives. 


Scott arrived at Lipan point with his family and friends. He surveyed the Grand Canyon and for a moment we could see a sense of peace wash over his face. Scott’s mother was so proud of her son and it was evident in the way that she looked into his eyes right before they walked towards the chuppah.  We all waited with anticipation for Kei and her parents to arrive. As Kei walked along the trail towards the ceremony, the look in Scott’s eyes was that of a man truly and utterly in love. Kei looked stunning in her blush pink wedding dress. Her mother and father held her close as they walked along side her with pride towards the moment their little girl would become Mrs. Kei Reing. The vibrant backdrop to this perfect union was breathtaking and the love that surrounded Scott and Kei was moving. The weather was perfect and the clouds parted enough to allow a sliver of sun to shine directly onto the loving couple. Childhood friends, siblings, parents, and family members traveled from far to witness Scott and Kei make this loving commitment to each other. After Scott stepped on the glass and all cheered, “Mozel Tov!” the two walked away hand and hand to spend 20 minutes alone. In Jewish tradition, these moments of seclusion signify their new status of living together as husband and wife.

Friends and family celebrated and waited for the couple to return so that they can shower them with their love and happiness. Scott and Kei were radiating joy. They joined their friends for a quick hike down to a rocky peak where like the true adventurers that they are, they posed like champions for the world to see them as Mr. and Mrs. Reing.  

Scott and Kei, we are grateful that you chose us to document your love and commitment to each other. We wish you many years of happiness, love and great adventures together! 


Aaron and Jen are the sweetest couple. Their love for each other shines through in all that they do. We had so much fun exploring downtown L.A.'s art district together. L.A. never disappoints with her gorgeous sunsets and colorful backdrops of red brick and overgrown ivy walls. Here is to many years of wedded bliss, Aaron and Jen. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to document your love. 


Puerto Vallarta

My younger sister Vanessa's best friend Jennifer had a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, MX this past May.  Of course I couldn’t miss it! :) It was such a gorgeous wedding. The newlyweds had family and friends flying in from all over the world. It was such a beautiful experience to see how much people love them.... Specially because I love Jennifer like a little sister. 

During the day we all went our separate ways if not together to explore some of the cities little gems. A close friend of mine had mentioned to me that his cousin George lived in Puerto Vallarta and that he would be more than happy to show us around when we arrived. Where to I start with George… He is one of the nicest, loving and caring souls I’ve ever met. He picked us up at our hotel at 8am and took us to this restaurant where all the locals hang out. I think we were the only tourist there. I ordered plain coffee and the lady brought me “Cafe de la Olla”. Which is coffee with cinnamon. I must say it was one of the best coffees I’ve ever had. After a wonderful breakfast he took us to his ranch that is in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico and showed us around where he was in the process of building. The land was full of mango trees. Let’s just say we are planning to go to Sayulita sometime soon. ;) We even met his neighbors and one of them was from Argentina and had been living there for years now. In fact when we arrived to his ranch he was working on the home himself. His mom asked him for a home with no corners. So he decided to build her an adobe and sand mixed with cement “Round” home less than 2 miles away from the beach. I mean really! He said he is keeping the house eco-friendly and using materials that will save energy by keeping the home cool or warmed year round. What a life. 

After meeting some of the locals we decided to go walk around downtown Sayulita. It’s full of people from all over the world. The same weekend we were there Sayulita was having the World Standup Paddle and Paddleboard Championship. It was amazing to see competitors from all over the world. We stopped at a little bar overlooking the beach and had a few snacks and drinks. I must say it was insanely humid when we went. So I had no choice but to have a few beers. The waiter knew we weren’t from there and he recommended a shooter called “Balazo”. A shot with your choice of shrimp, oyster or mussel with tomato juice, clamato & spices chased down with a nice cold beer. Wow it was amazing! 

The wedding was the next day so we decided to go on a last minute morning adventure since the wedding was in the evening. We went to Santa Lucia Tequila tasting. My wife and I had been there about 9 years ago and loved it and always said we would come back. The place is still small and the owner plans to keep it that way. All the locals and tourist love it. We tried a little bit of everything and somehow ended up buying 5 bottles! One for each of our mothers and 3 for us. I must say we made a really good investment. As the afternoon quickly approached we went back to the hotel and hung out with the rest of the guests and decided to go in the pool one last time before the wedding. Again… You can only do this in Mexico! Since the wedding was in the same hotel, which was Wonderful! 

The ceremony… When my friend Jennifer came down the aisle I quickly got emotional and remember how long I’ve known this beautiful soul and how honored I was to have shared this special moment with her. They got married on the rooftop overlooking the ocean. It was breathtaking… 

Puerto Vallarta will always have a special place in my heart.  This was one of the most colorful experiences I’e ever had…. and if you know me well, You know I am not afraid of color. 

Santa Barbara, California

Listening to the breeze and the sound of my heart beat as I walk up the hill is a great reminder that life is good. I can stand still with my eyes closed for a while and just breathe in all of the peace around me. Gaviota Park was such a sweet surprise on a Sunday morning. I am looking forward to discovering more hidden gems like this in my native California.

Hollywood Hike

We are so fortunate to live close enough to hike to the Hollywood sign on any given day. Today was spectacular. We loved exploring the hollywood hills  and LA.

Downtown Gaby

We had an awesome day exploring downtown LA with the young and beautiful, Gaby. Her face lights up the world in so many different ways. She is definitely a unique soul.