Scott arrived at Lipan point with his family and friends. He surveyed the Grand Canyon and for a moment we could see a sense of peace wash over his face. Scott’s mother was so proud of her son and it was evident in the way that she looked into his eyes right before they walked towards the chuppah.  We all waited with anticipation for Kei and her parents to arrive. As Kei walked along the trail towards the ceremony, the look in Scott’s eyes was that of a man truly and utterly in love. Kei looked stunning in her blush pink wedding dress. Her mother and father held her close as they walked along side her with pride towards the moment their little girl would become Mrs. Kei Reing. The vibrant backdrop to this perfect union was breathtaking and the love that surrounded Scott and Kei was moving. The weather was perfect and the clouds parted enough to allow a sliver of sun to shine directly onto the loving couple. Childhood friends, siblings, parents, and family members traveled from far to witness Scott and Kei make this loving commitment to each other. After Scott stepped on the glass and all cheered, “Mozel Tov!” the two walked away hand and hand to spend 20 minutes alone. In Jewish tradition, these moments of seclusion signify their new status of living together as husband and wife.

Friends and family celebrated and waited for the couple to return so that they can shower them with their love and happiness. Scott and Kei were radiating joy. They joined their friends for a quick hike down to a rocky peak where like the true adventurers that they are, they posed like champions for the world to see them as Mr. and Mrs. Reing.  

Scott and Kei, we are grateful that you chose us to document your love and commitment to each other. We wish you many years of happiness, love and great adventures together!